Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications (EmComm) is part of NARA operations as is Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES).

Ad Hoc document NARA Bus

APRS primer.pdf





This is our newest setup at the New Milford Hospital for adding to our EmComm network. It consists of two GP15 antennas mounted on brackets to a fixed tower making the tower much more useful with three antennas on one. Our mobil radios can do any emergency communications from the hospital.

Analog FM Repeaters: New Milford 146.730 MHz -600 kHz PL 192.8 Hz

Washington 441.850 MHz +5 MHz PL 77 Hz

Woodbury 444.800 +5 MHz PL 192.8 Hz

Warren 53.970 MHz –1 MHz PL 110.9 Hz

CT-ARES Digital Mobile Radio

New Milford: 440.9625 +5MHz / CC1