About Northville Amateur Radio Association

Welcome. Here you can learn more about our leadership team, our members, and our many events throughout the year. We meet on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 PM in the basement of the First Congregational Church building, 36 Main Street, New Milford, CT.  We'll have our portable radios tuned to both repeater frequencies for those wishing to call-in. Meetings generally last for up to 90 minutes, depending on the activity schedule for the month. Our meetings are open to all who are interested in amateur radio and we welcome new members at all of our formal and informal gatherings.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Connecticut. Our mission is the growth and public service of amateur radio and the fellowship and community that amateur radio offers licensed operators, friends, and families across the United States and beyond. Our FCC authorized club station license call sign is NA1RA. NARA is affiliated with the American Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), actively contributing to the goal of advancing the art and science of radio. NARA owns and operates amateur radio and repeater systems which may provide critical communications in times of emergency or disaster.

NARA values the critical importance of relationships with local town governments and jointly develops Memorandums of Understanding (MOU). NARA promotes a working knowledge of Public Safety Communications infrastructure and Public Safety First Responder protocols.


Our new awards are given to people within the organization and the community who have distinguished themselves with meritorious duty and contributions to the organization and are in regognition of their service. (These will be coming soon)


To apply or renew a membership you will fill out a form, click save info and then you can click go to paypal.

Our privacy policy is here.


If you choose not to pay online, you may download this form, print it and fill it out and bring it to one of our regular meetings.


NARA offers three levels of membership, Full, Affiliate, and Associate. Full and Affiliate membership are reserved for licensed operators, while Associate memberships are open to all. All membership fees are due by January 31, annually. If you join after July 1st, dues are half the current fees. Affiliate and Associate memberships are FREE to members 16 years old and younger (please see below for instructions).

NARA Full Membership: $25 year. FCC licensed. Full voting, leadership qualified member.

NARA Affiliate Membership: $10 year. FCC licensed. (FREE to 16 years old and younger). Affiliate members must be an active and current member of another amateur radio association/club as their primary membership.

NARA Associate Membership: $10 year. No FCC license required. (FREE to 16 years old and younger)

NARA By-laws

NARA Leadership 2018

NARA President Gregory Davis - KB1YHW GGDavis.com Director of Photography Owner, Founder, and Managing Member of Audio Engineering Services, LLC Amateur Radio Emergency Services - CT Region 5 ARES Communications Coordinator for Roxbury CT Member of NARA & CARA local ham radio clubs New Milford CT Community Emergency Response Team 2013 Chairman, Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications - CT PURA Area 19 CT Statewide Video Advisory Council Representative - CT PURA Area 19 Business Networks International - CT Heritage Chapter member

NARA Vice President Glen Dains - W1GHD

NARA Treasurer

NARA Secretary Will Keller - KB1VIS takes and archives all association minutes and, in concert with other members of the Executive Committee, makes certain that the association's records are accurately maintained. 

NARA Technical Director Bill Blizman - KB1VNO Bill enjoys working the digital frequencies with the HF go-box he built around a YAESU 857-D radio. The rebuilding of the UHF Washington CT repeater was an outstanding accomplishment for Bill in 2013. This effort took many hours of design and testing and the association's repeater is now heard clear and strong. Bill's work rekindled the NARA's weekly net.

NARA Repeater Trustee Mike Walters - W8ZY  Mike is an Amateur Extra Class Volunteer Examiner and the associations VE Liaison to the ARRL VEC in Newington, CT. Mike has 37 years of amateur radio experience and he has taught licensing classes throughout the country.

NARA Safety Officer Jim Schultz - KB1ABC Jim is owner of Schultz Communications, a CT licensed master electrician, and retired as Emergency Management Director (EMD) for the town of Warren after 10 years. Jim is now the Deputy EMD. He's also a  past president of the Warren Volunteer Fire Company and a medical first responder with EMR certification. He also installs and maintains all of the radio systems for the Fire Company and the Town of Warren. Jim serves as Vice President of Litchfield County Dispatch (LCD). LCD dispatches 43 Fire, EMS, and police services in 20 Northwest Corner towns. He also does voice over work for radio, television, and industrial productions.


NARA_-_NewMilford_MOU.pdf NARA_WashingtonMOU.pdf NM-GeigerRoad-MOU.pdf RoxburyAirportMOU-NARA-D6.pdf
WarrenMOU-NARA-D3.pdf WoodburyMOU-NARA-Adopted13Aug2015.pdf




Analog FM Repeaters: New Milford 146.730 MHz -600 kHz PL 192.8 Hz

Washington 441.850 MHz +5 MHz PL 77 Hz

Woodbury 444.800 +5 MHz PL 192.8 Hz

Warren 53.970 MHz –1 MHz PL 110.9 Hz

CT-ARES Digital Mobile Radio

New Milford: 440.9625 +5MHz / CC1