Welcome to Northville Amateur Radio Association

The Northville Amateur Radio Association (NARA) was formed in the mid 1990s, and is a general interest group dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of amateur radio. NARA promotes communication, advancement, and mentoring as well as emergency communications and community involvement.
Currently the association operates five local repeater stations to provide general coverage communications. Serving the towns of New Milford, Washington, Woodbury, and Warren, but not limited to these areas, NARA is involved with local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), and state and local emergency management organizations. 
The overall mission of NARA is to promote amateur radio and the enjoyment that operators have found for over 100 years. Check out what we are doing and how you can share in the enjoyment and public service of amateur radio.

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Analog FM Repeaters: New Milford 146.730 MHz -600 kHz PL 192.8 Hz

Washington 441.850 MHz +5 MHz PL 77 Hz

Woodbury 444.800 +5 MHz PL 192.8 Hz

Warren 53.970 MHz –1 MHz PL 110.9 Hz

CT-ARES Digital Mobile Radio

New Milford: 440.9625 +5MHz / CC1