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An ARRL Affiliated Radio Club
New Milford, Connecticut

New Milford CT: 146.730 MHz FM /  Offset -600 KHz / PL 192.8 Hz
Washington CT: 441.850 MHz FM / Offset +5 MHz / PL 77 Hz
Woodbury CT: 444.800 MHz FM / Offset +5 MHz / PL 77 Hz
Warren 53.970 MHz / Offset -1 MHz / PL 110.9 Hz

CT-ARES Digital Mobile Radio 
New Milford: 440.9625 / Offset +5MHz / CC1 

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Dedicated to the Growth and Public Service of Amateur Radio

Formed in the mid 1990s, The Northville Amateur Radio Association (NARA) is a general interest group dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of amateur radio. The NARA promotes communication, advancement, and mentoring as well as emergency communications and community involvement.

Currently the group operates five local repeater stations to provide general coverage communications. Serving the towns of New Milford, Washington, Woodbury, and Warren, but not limited to these areas, NARA is involved with local CERT, ARES, and state and local emergency management organizations. 

The overall mission of the NARA is to promote amateur radio and the enjoyment that operators have found for over 100 years. Check out what we are doing and how you can share in the enjoyment and public service of amateur radio.

NARA member Joe Goodell W1GC (right bucket) and Brian Parnell from
I Climb Tree Services installing Joe's new antenna at his QTH.

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What a year 2014 was for the association! Please read how we've grown in both service and commitment to emergency communications and the amateur radio community and service volunteers  Click Here

Watch a video Tour of the W1AW Station 
ARRL and with our appreciation for its use

Visit the ARRL corporate website at

Installing the Antennas and Feed Line for the New Roxbury, CT Repeater Site
(pictured is NARA Vice President N1CME Charles Pomeroy)
Photos courtesy of NARA President KB1YHW Gregory Davis 
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Equipment Operator Greg Bostwick (photo) along with Joe Goodell W1GC and John Wittmann N1YV install a new 30 foot utility pole in John's back yard, tucked into a group of small pine trees.

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Association members Chuck Horgen (K1OLY), Geoff Stratman (WA1ZU) and Joe Goodell (W1GC) work the ARRL November Sweepstakes at John Wittmann's (N1YV) station in New Milford. Association call sign NA1RA was used for 63 of the 83 contest sections recorded from 170 contacts and a reported score of 21,420 points. In the photos you can see the daylight turn to evening, but the enthusiasm never faltered.  Click Here for a video


The CQ Worldwide WPX Contest crew at W1GC Joe Goodell's radio room. Left to right W8ZY Mike Walters, K1OLY Chuck Horgen, N1CPL Chris Lundgren, WA1ZU Geoff Stratman, and W1GC Joe Goodell

W1EOY Rick Moreau & KB1ZKZ David Brenner operate at
W1GC Joe Goodell's station for the
CQ Woldwide WPX Contest in March, 2015.

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